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ComPACT™ Therapy – Our Next Generation Platform Technology

Heat Biologics’ Combination Pan-Antigen Cytotoxic Therapy (“ComPACT™” Therapy) enables us to combine a pan-antigen T cell-activating vaccine and a T cell co-stimulator in a single product, offering the potential benefits of combination immunotherapy without the need for multiple independent biologic products. Using ComPACT™, we have engineered new product candidates that incorporate various ligand fusion proteins targeting co-stimulatory receptors (OX40, ICOS, 4-1BB) into the gp96-Ig expression vector, resulting in a single product candidate that includes both a pan-antigen T cell-priming vaccine and a T cell co-stimulator.

Most recently, we have reported preclinical data demonstrating that ComPACT™ secreting OX40L generated the most potent immune response among other ComPACT™ co-stimulator variations including TL1A, 4-1BBL and ICOSL, as well as compared to systemic delivery of OX40 agonist antibody and vaccine alone.

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