About Heat Biologics

Heat Biologics is a biopharmaceutical company developing immunotherapies designed to activate a patient’s CD8+ “killer” T-cells against cancer. Heat’s T-cell Activation Platform (TCAP) produces therapies designed to turn “cold” tumors “hot” and be administered in combination with checkpoint inhibitors and other immuno-modulators to increase effectiveness.

Product candidates are produced from allogeneic cell lines composed of tumor proteins common among all cancers. The immunotherapies combine a T-cell activator and a T-cell co-stimulator into a single drug, eliminating the need for multiple, independent biologic treatments.

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Immunotherapy is based on enabling the body’s natural immune mechanism to recognize cancer as a foreign entity and fight it. A number of approaches focus on combination therapies, but some treatments don’t always work for every patient, leading to a worldwide search for solutions.

Our Mission

To revolutionize the treatment of cancer by developing therapies that harness the power of a patient’s own immune system

Our Vision

We are committed to providing easily accessible and readily available therapeutic treatment options that have the potential to improve outcomes for more patients across the globe

Our Goal

Activate T-cells through combination therapies to turn cold tumors into hot tumors for potent and sustained treatment against cancer